ADAS Solutions Australia

ADAS Solutions Australia offers an all-encompassing ADAS Solution to the automotive industry.

This consists of ADAS Calibration in our state-of-the-art facility in Brisbane and mobile on site at the customer location.
ADAS Solutions Australia offer ADAS Training for the automotive industry and ADAS Equipment supply and technical support.

What are Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) provide drivers with active safety support features.

The increase of ADAS features that support safety critical systems such as braking and steering, make the proper and effective function of ADAS ever more safety critical.

The functions of ADAS features rely on sensors that continuously and accurately monitor the environment around the vehicle, making these sensors a safety-critical aspect of any repair process.
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Blind Spot detection
  • Lane Keep Assistance
  • Cross Traffic Detection
  • Remote Active Park Assist
  • Adaptive Headlamps

Our Calibration Process

  • 1. Pre Scan
    All vehicles undergo a complete diagnostic scan prior to any calibrations. This scan identifies any existing or nonrelated fault codes.
  • 2. Alignment
    If required, the vehicle then has a full 4-wheel alignment check. The equipment used can also identify any chassis misalignment.
  • 3. Calibrate
    Once satisfied the vehicle is aligned, the calibration process can be undertaken. Multiple radars, lidars and cameras may require calibration.
  • 4. Post Scan
    An initial post calibration scan is conducted.
  • 5. Road Test
    The vehicle is road tested to check for nonconformity and to ensure ADAS systems are operational.
  • 6. Final Scan
    Upon return to site the vehicle then has a final diagnostic check to ensure no fault codes have activated during road test.
  • 7. Report
    A comprehensive report is supplied for each vehicle along with a certificate of calibration.

Coverage & Growth

Following extensive first phase investment, ADAS Solutions will be able to offer 90%+ vehicle coverage in both the light vehicle sector and heavy vehicle sector. Our systems enable us to calibrate Camera, RADAR, LIDAR and multifunction LED Headlights.

Currently servicing all metro areas of South East Queensland and Northern NSW, from the Sunshine Coast to Tweed and in land to Ipswich from our first location in Eagle Farm. Two further locations have been identified for additional Metro Queensland facilities to open late 2020.

Our Training Courses

Currently there is no Australian accreditation for ADAS technicians, however there is an established International qualification. ADAS Solutions is in negotiations to become the deliverer of training that will lead to candidates being able to achieve International accreditation.

As part of the skills Australia focus group, we will work to deliver a standard locally that aligns to the current International standard, thus allowing transition of qualification through RPL (approx. 2022)

Course One

Introduction to ADAS

This will be a one-day course. It will complement and go beyond current online e-learning, offering candidates knowledge training, accompanied by workshop demonstrations and familiarization with equipment and techniques.

Course Two

Advanced ADAS Technician

This will be a two-day course that will take candidates through to being able to competently identify calibration requirements, safely carry out re calibrations of camera, RADAR and LIDAR sensors and systems and apply for International accreditation.

Delivery of both educational and equipment specific training will place ADAS Solutions in a unique position in the Australian market.

Equipment Partners

ADAS Solutions have formed strategic relationships with the top tier suppliers of ADAS diagnostic equipment. Initial agreements give us the opportunity to sell equipment, offer initial training and ongoing support for our clients.

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