ADAS calibration2

What do you get when you become an ADAS Solutions Australia customer/partner?
Courtesy. Promptness. Experience. Skill. Quality. Accountability. Support. Trust. Just a few of the things that come to mind.
We received a call from a new customer yesterday following front end smash repairs on this Infiniti Q30S. This is no Nissan!
The vehicle has replacement headlights, replacement front radar along with a number of associated issues with this kind of repair.
The vehicle was towed to our state of the art centre yesterday afternoon. We assessed the vehicle, carried out zero point calibration of the new lights, coded, programmed and calibrated the front radar, rectified a few other things along the way and tested the ADAS thoroughly.
The vehicle is ready to go back this morning.
Do you get that service from your partners? Didn’t think so

ADAS Solutions Australia is your one stop shop for all things ADAS as well as all other kinds of diagnosis, programming, coding, resets etc..
Our team consists of Master Technicians from a number of different quality brands with more years of experience than most.
Test us. Trust us. Rely on us. Forget the rest – call the best.